Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goal for 2009

After talking a little bit tonight, we have a goal for the end of 2009.

1.) Pay off Credit Card-we will pay off all but $1000 this month, so it will be brought down from about $6200 to $1000. I am super excited about this. The rest of this will be paid off in July, which is a 3 paycheck month so we will use that "extra" paycheck for our debt only.

2.) Pay off Phil's last student loan-it is hovering right around $1000. So we are hoping to pay it off with July's money. We will use the rest of the extra paycheck, and then the extra money that we squeeze out of our budget.

3.) Pay off the hospital bill-even though it is at 0% interest, it will then be the next lowest by then and we would feel better just getting it taken care of. Plus, it is up against a $3500 loan and then the other two which are even higher :(. We would rather get it knocked out and have that extra $100/month for the other loans.

So that should be another $10k paid off by the end of this year. Granted we have an appx. extra $5k in tax return and 1.5k in an extra paycheck. We will be down from about $30k to $20k in debt!!

Also, in January 2010 we get another "extra check" and then a little later, hopefully a decent tax return, because Phil ended up claiming less than he should I think. So we will be on our way to knocking out my first student loan. So I hope that by March or so we will have my one student loan taken care of and only the two big ones to go!!

We can do it!!!

Edited to add: This is all assuming we have no mini emergencies, or ... big ones. Pray that doesn't happen!

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