Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More Credit Card!! :-)

We did it, we paid off the credit card!! I wrote the check and am dropping it in the mail today. It feels GREAT to have it paid off, no more credit cards!! I'll be very happy to get that "paid in full" statement, hopefully soon.

Next, Phil's student loan (which we'll get most of taken care of this month and the rest next month), then the hospital bill. We're still sticking with the goal of getting those all paid off by the end of December. That means we'll only have my student loans, which are a lot, but doable. And if anything happens, we can put a hold on student loans.

I can't wait to redo the debt snowball calculator. I feel like we will have made a lot of progress this year, paying off about 10k since we started in January. We also moved during that time, which put the snowball on hold for a while.



  1. Credit Cards are good for TWO things. Renting a car and making hotel reservations. Otherwise..... Just Don't.

  2. ... And you gotta dump this "Phil" person !
    ________ :-) _________

  3. Hmmm. I don't know. I don't think so. I was enjoying your blog about money, and thot I would throw my 2cents in.
    I was just kidding about dumping Phil. :-)

  4. No, Anna. We don't know each other. As I said I enjoy your blog. I was surfing and just stumbled across you... Better than most all the blogs I surfed. __ But I do think you should dump Phil. :-)