Monday, December 14, 2009

Baptist Bill

So a while ago I posted about Charlotte's hospital bill that I THOUGHT had a zero balance, and has since come back to haunt me. Being almost $10,000 we were really freaked out about it. I filled out the financial assistance forms and TODAY we got a letter saying that we received assistance and that her bill has a zero-balance!! :-D. This makes me so so so happy. It is a big relief off of our chests and now I feel much more happy about paying extra on my hospital from her birth. So, we will start doing that. I will be so happy to have that paid off because then we only have my student loans and those seem much more manageable.

I think that the letter gave us a much needed feeling of hope and that we can do this and even though it may be a while, it will feel AMAZING to have our debt paid off!!

We are one tiny, little step closer. Yay!

Oh and one more thing, Dave Ramsey is doing a "25 days of Christmas" thing or something, where he has a giveaway every day. So far I have seen products, $1000 (for a mini-efund or to help someone) and today is $5000. So as much as I DON'T want to tell you about it because we could use it so badly, I thought I would share :). Just go to his website and you will see it.

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  1. Yay Anna!! That is terrific! I am so relieved for you - I know you were stressing about it! It sucks to have to hound people about what you need, but it was very much worth it! :) Congrats!