Monday, March 2, 2009


Its payday! Well, was on Friday, so today I get to go and take out all the cash and refill our envelopes, oh how I love that! I feel rich, until I go to the store and spend it :(. But then I remind myself that we have to eat if we want to exist.

I'm also going to take the advise of Kate, go and buy some clippers. They'll pay for themselves after two uses, and this way Phil can get his hair cut a little more often... like he wants. (Every 4-6 weeks not 8). Lets just pray I don't screw it up, or we'll be shaving him bald. But, that could be interesting!! And we'll save a bunch of money!! YAAY! Now if only that would work for me... but I haven't had a hair cut in a ridiculously long time, boy do I need one!

Looks like we're at $429.86 for our debt snowball this month, unless we come across any more cash... my fingers are crossed. We also need to get our taxes done. I need to call Mike and get stuff sent. We should get $2000 and that will speed up the debt snowball a bit! Yay!

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