Sunday, March 1, 2009

March's Budget

Here's our Budget for March...

As always, suggestions are welcome!! I'm always looking for ways to cut things, and a second set of eyes never hurt anyone.

TAKE HOME: $2960.29 (Yay, it went up, we adjusted for taxes).

Charitable Gifts: $50
Rent: $808
Renters Insurance: $13.08
Water: $53.62
Electricity: $139.60 (yaaay, this went way down!)
Internet Service: $27.45 (Still need to call and cancel)
Grocery: $300
Car Insurance: $77.22 (Still not paying for Phil's, we need to talk to his parents).
Repairs and Tires: $30
Gas and Oil: $50 (We have over $100 left from before, and Phil uses no gas while in Clarskville).
Children's Clothing: $30
Adult Clothing: $0 (We have $40-ish left from last month and neither of us really NEED anything).
Health Insurance: $210.17
Miscellaneous: $10.00
Household: $115.00
ID Theft: $11.67 (We're starting a sinking fund for this, so we can save money by paying yearly instead of monthly).
Hair Care: $14.00 (Cost of haircut plus tip at Great Clips-Phil).
Mops: $10.00 ($5/meeting, twice a month).
Gifts (Incl. Christmas): $20.00 (I don't think we're going to have a big Christmas again this year.)
BLOW Money: $25.00
Pet Supplies: $20.00
Credit Card: $155.00
MOHELA-Anna: $131.18
Direct Loans-Anna: $63.30
MST-Anna: $40 (This is new this month, it was in its grace period until March).
Direct Loans-Phil: $50 (Currently first on debt snowball)
Hospital Bill: $100
Debt Snowball: $405.99 (Extra money we squeezed out of the budget for the Debt Snowball. Whatever random money that we find will also go towards it).

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  1. Anna, this looks great!

    We haven't paid for M to get his haircut in 9 months! He was given a hair trimmer set for Christmas awhile ago, and I cut his hair in the (dry) bathtub every few weeks and then wipe up the trimmings with a paper towel. It's pretty easy to do. At first I was nervous, but it's coming a lot faster now. It's saved us over $150 in that time! Maybe something to look into?