Saturday, February 21, 2009

Debt Snowball-February

So, we just wrote our check to the loan that's next on the debt snowball for a grand total of......



I worked on next month's budget too, and we will be paying an extra $445.98 towards our debt next month. (Unfortunately, we won't be getting any expense checks for the next few months because of Phil's job). Plus whatever money we happen to find, or have left over in our envelopes (only a few) at the end of this month will go towards it. And when we get our tax return... there should be another 2k or so to go towards them too, woohoo!!!!


  1. I've enjoyed reading both of your blogs. This one has gotten me thinking about going debt free and I have no idea how to even start.

  2. I am so glad that you have enjoyed reading my blogs, it makes me very happy anytime I get a comment on them!!!

    I'm glad you mentioned you have no idea where to start... well kinda. I'll write a quick blog about Dave's book etc.

  3. Yay! wow, that's a lot of money towards your snowball! Does that include all of your loans including minimum payments, or is that the money that's just going to the one you're trying to pay off right away? Either way, that's a great number! I've been separating the money towards our snowball from the rest of the minimum payments, I think it's easier to see that way. You guys much be doing a great job budgeting and sticking to it!

  4. That's just the extra money we put towards our debt snowball for the one loan that we are working on. (Plus the $50 minimum on it). We have about $500/month in minimums... so this month we paid about $1500 on our debt... which I guess is about 1/2 of what we bring in. But, you know how much of that goes to interest, grrr! If only it worked so that each dollar went directly towards the debt... not debt and interest, we'd have it paid off much quicker. Oh well!