Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Debt Free Date!!

Oh and I forgot to share, but my friend Katie gave me a link to this really cool debt snowball calculator.

If we stay at the rate we're at, minimums plus just under $300/month extra, we'll have everything paid off by December 2012. That seems like FOREVER away!!

Hopefully, we'll step it up a notch. If we paid an extra $1000/month we'd be debt free by February 2011, or if we did it in order of interest (not smallest to largest), it'd be January 2011. But, we're going to stick to the plan, smallest to largest.

And say we get a $10k bonus? And paid an extra $1000/month, we'd be debt free by July 2010. Now where can I find that extra $10k??

Oh and here's the link for anyone interested:

So, I think I'll make our official debt snowball date July 2011. That's us paying an extra $700/month and in order from smallest to biggest. It also doesn't include any other extra random money.

So, 27 months (hopefully shorter)! WE CAN DO IT!!

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