Monday, April 27, 2009

Renting a car and we're using the baby efund!

I have officially closed my credit card!! I got the confirmation letter in the mail the other day, and it is a DONE DEAL! Now we have NO credit cards to even tempt us!!!!

A funny story, Phil's company reserved a rental car for us to use while in Florida, and since neither of us is 25, we called to make sure it would be ok. Turns out for this company... Payless... that you HAVE to have a credit card to rent a car if you are under 25. A debit card (with the VISA or whatever symbol on it) won't cut it. Thankfully, they got it transferred over to a company that will let us (Enterprise). Stupid rental car companies!

If you haven't been keeping up with my other blog, we're moving to Florida this weekend... so its a good thing that we have that baby e-fund. It all came so quickly. We went down there the 21st to 23rd, and then they said, this weekend would be great (beginning of May)!

So, we're going to empty out the baby e-fund, use what money we haven't paid towards our snowball the past few months, and we're going to have to use what we've stored in a few envelopes, ie: pets, charitable gifts (we have no church here), gifts, etc. I'm keeping track to whats in each of them, and we're planning on filling them back up to what they were once we get the tax return. Phil's company is also giving him $1k to start, and will reimburse the other expenses afterward. I'm sure that we'll have some of this money left over, but its good to know that its there just in case.

Unfortunately, the branch Phil will be working at doesn't travel as much, and they use the company trucks, so we're not going to have any more big expense checks.

After our move, I'm seriously considering finding a part-time job (if I can find one!). I'd probably do it for 6 months, then reevaluate for another 6 months and go from there. I feel that would help a lot in our snowball. I CANT wait to get that done!


  1. Wow! Congrats on getting rid of your credit card! Good luck on the move!

  2. Yay!! No more credit card debt is so exciting!! Good for you!

  3. Hallo!

    Surfed here from your resolutions on Jen's site.

    This is a fascinating blog - it helps me keep my own debt in perspective.

    I was so struck when I read that neither of you were 25 - aiyah! Under 25, married, and with a baby. Definitely not do-able in expensive LA or NYC!

    Really great to meet you!