Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Debts Update

So, for a little motivation, I need to update my Debt Snowball list...

$1048.51 Phil's student loan, $50/month, 4.210% interest
$2816.46 Hospital Bill, $100/month, 0% interest
$3575.29 Anna's MST student loan, $40/month, 5% interest
$5358.95 Anna's DIRECT student loan, $63.30/month, 6.8% interest
$6241.08 Credit Card, $155/month, 15.99% interest
$11403.37 Anna's MOHELA student loan, $131.18, 6.8% interest (they 'considilated' it so two are at that and the other is at 4.2% interest or something).

Grand Total: $30443.66

I hope that next month we'll be below $30k!!! Since we put a hold on the debt snowball though, I think it'll be another month. Then we'll never again be over $30k (except when we buy a house because the 100% down plan just isn't gonna work for us).

I wish we didn't have to put this snowball on hold, but after the move (assuming we do), everything left over will be put on the snowball. And, that should be something because we're going to get our tax refund. I'm a little behind on taxes. I send them to the accountant tomorrow morning (got them all done today), and we are expecting around $2k.

Now if only Phil would get a $10k bonus or something for this project he's on. Then we'd be below $20k!!

I hate debt :(

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  1. wow, anna, your credit card interest rate sucks! it's so hard to look at that and not want to pay that one off first! yayy!! you're almost below 30k! That's so exciting!

    It is such a great feeling to put 100% of your tax return towards your debt and see the number go down so much! I hate debt too!